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Workplace Injuries

workplace injuries

Spine Tree Chiropractic also specializes in rehabilitation of injured workers and Worker’s Compensation Insurance claims. If you were injured on the job or were involved in a workplace accident, Worker’s Compensation Insurance benefits are intended to get you the medical attention you need to recover. There is no referral necessary to see Dr. Medlin for a Worker’s Comp case. Insurance pays for your visits to a Chiropractor and there are no out-of-pocket expenditures for you!

Don’t delay in documenting an injury or accident that took place at work! It is very important that you mention the injury no matter how minor to someone at your place of employment. It is essential to make it known that your injury took place on the job and not elsewhere. Simply seeking treatment for these injuries is not frowned on by the employer and by law they cannot fire you for seeking treatment. However, failure to report the injury and missing work from an injury that was never documented as taking place at work can give them just cause to terminate you.

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