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Whether you’re new to chiropractic care or an “old pro” we’d like to give you a brief synopsis on what to expect on your first visit to our office.


Dr Medlin will sit down with you and go over your intake forms. He will discuss your complaints and go over your concerns. He will question you at length during this time in order to help him understand what and why may be the source of your troubles or concerns.


A detailed examination will be performed by Dr Medlin. This exam will usually include posture analysis, orthopedic testing, palpation, range of motion testing and neurological evaluation. The examination usually provides the diagnosis or the reason that you are in pain or discomfort. However, many times it is necessary to take X-rays in order to help with that diagnosis. X-rays often times expose a hidden gem as to why your problem is happening and can offer wonderful insight into how to manage you better.


Treatment will be performed on the first visit if time permits. In most cases the patient is treated on this first visit. However, there are instances where time simply does not permit this and we will schedule you for the next most convenient time in order begin treatment. If a patient, for example, presents with a complex problem, a more lengthy exam is sometimes needed and treatment may have to be delayed until the next visit. We must figure out what’s going on before we can fix it properly. 


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