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Dr Joseph Medlin
Your Portland Chiropractor

Dr. Medlin treated my back pain after I was injured by a car as a pedestrian. It was a great experience! He was very clear about my treatment plan and how long it would take to get me back on track. He provides a mix of muscle relaxation, adjustment, stretching and strengthening. The instruction and repetition of stretching and strengthening was more than I've ever gotten from other chiropractors, and It was just right for my recovery. I felt pretty hopeless going in and am pretty amazed at my progress! — Aubrey B., NE Portland

Dr. Medlin is awesome and has really helped me with my back, shoulder and neck pain!  — Warren J., NE Portland  

Best Chiropractor! Everyone needs a good chiropractor and it’s Doctor Joe! He’s got the best healing hands ever. He spends a lot of time with you and educates you. Highly recommend Dr. Joe.”   — Yogaaddict

I started coming to Spine Tree Chiropractic a few years ago. My experience here with Dr. Joe and staff was great. Dr Joe was extremely knowledgeable, professional and very kind. Dr. Joe took the time to explain my medical problems and discussed a treatment plan for me in a way that I could understand. They kept me informed, and the staff was extremely pleasant. The office has a great atmosphere. Every time I came in the first thing they wanted to know was how I was feeling and specifically where I was hurting, and if I was in pain. They made sure that my treatment would not compound the pain but lessen the pain. Over all I would rate my experience here an A plus and recommend Spine Tree Chiropractic to all of my family and friends and to anyone who has any type of pain. I am now pain free, and back to living to the quality of life before the injury.”    — Deborah B.

Dr. Joe is amazing, as is Debra.”  
— Josh Heffernan

Dr. Medlin provided wonderful care to me. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in September 2011 and was facing possible surgery. Fortunately, after receiving treatments for pain and Dr. Joe’s chiropractic therapy combined with massage, I made major improvements!!! The decision to avoid surgery at this point proved to be the right one for me. I could have not done it without the caring support from Spine Tree Chiropractic Center. I also came to understand and accept the importance of livelong self-care in form of exercise and avoiding strenuous movements. Dr. Medlin taught me well and I am very grateful to him.”    — Christa A.

I have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Medlin. He provides effective treatment, educates, and empowers in taking a pro-active role in my own health.”   — Hal A.

I saw Dr Joe for a low back injury 3 years ago and, when I had an accident that aggravated my old injury, I didn’t hesitate to go back to him. He takes care to loosen up the area with massage and stretches before he does any spinal adjustments. As a massage therapist, I understand the benefit of this as compared to other chiropractors who just get in there and attempt spinal adjustments without taking time to make sure the surrounding muscles and ligaments are relaxed enough to allow a successful adjustment. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Joe’s treatment approach.”  — Rachel Austin

In pain? Don’t know what to do?. Highest rating ever, 30 yrs of pop & go chiropractic, then Dr. Joe & his massage therapy, what a difference. If you’re in pain see the spine clinic first. 7 years involved with pain therapy (morphine) & now I’m drug free. The only thing I regret is that it took a hit & run to get here. I’d rate a six out of five if I could!”   — Doug Yarris

Super Cool Chiropractor! This is all I have to do (write a review) to thank the BEST Doctor in town! Seriously, folks – Dr. Medlin will help your conditions immediately and if anything else, he will educate you with a better healthier lifestyle! I’m truly thankful for all you’ve done for me! Highly recommend Dr. Medlin!”  — Tim Gray


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