What paperwork do I need to fill out and/or bring to my visit?

Most of our billing and records are done electronically so we will send our intake forms to your email provided or you can fill them on our website SpineTreePdx.com.

If you do not have access to a computer, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to allow time to fill out the forms. If you have seen Dr. Medlin within the last year, there is no need to fill out new paperwork as we will have your records on file.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Walk in or Call us! We would love to hear from you and become a part of your recovery journey. We can schedule a time that is most convenient to you as we have availability Monday 8:30am-3pm, Tuesday-Thursdays 8:30am-6:30pm and Fridays by appointment only. We also take walk-ins depending on availability.  You are also able to schedule appointments by emailing us at [email protected]

What is the policy for cancelling or rescheduling an appointment?

Our office understands that events happen, life happens, and that sometimes you just can’t make it to your appointment.  However, in order for us to be fair and mindful of other patients and our providers time, we ask that you give us a 24 hour advance notice of any changes.If you need to cancel we can assist you in rescheduling your appointment for a better time, if you are running late also please let us know. This allows us the chance to also be fair in giving another patient the opportunity to schedule at that time slot should they need it.

What insurances are covered at your office?

We happily accept most insurances, a list of those included are

-Aetna                                     -BCBS

-Care Oregon                           -OHP

 -CHP                                      -Healthnet                              

-Healthways                            -Kaiser                                  

 -Moda Health                         -Pacific Source                        

-Regence                                 -United Healthcare

If your insurance is not listed, call us and we will happily assist in figuring out if your insurance falls under our network.

How do I know what my insurance covers for Chiropractic care?

Every individual’s plan is different in terms of coverage; therefore every patient needs to know exactly what is covered for their Chiropractic treatment. Some plans have payments towards your deductible, some have copayments while others have coinsurances. We can assist you in figuring out what your plan covers but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know what their plan pays and what their plan does not.

Does my insurance cover Massage Therapy? What kind of massages do you recommend for my treatment?

Depending on what kind of healthcare plan an individual is covered under, we can offer massage therapy from our Licensed Therapist who is also in our office. Our therapist will discuss with you what areas you may be having problems with and what massage you can benefit from the most. Styles include: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and prenatal massage. Often times, our patient’s do a combination of both chiropractic care and massage therapy to more effectively treat their condition.

I don’t have insurance, can I pay cash?

Our offices accept cash, Visa, Discover or Mastercard.

Our cash rates are as followed:

1st visit: $100

This includes physical exam, history, and treatment (Physical therapy massage, adjustment and exercise). Any subsequent visits are only $75 and there is no additional charges applied for future complaints and exams. If you would like to schedule a treatment plan as a cash patient, we offer a 20% discount and the fee of $75 will be reduced to $60.  

I am pregnant, is it safe to see a chiropractor?

Adjustments on any individual improve the body’s ability to move better, on a pregnant patient, chiropractic adjustments and massage help the patient have a better pregnancy. Lots of times, pregnancy can cause stress and tension on a particular area of the body which causes pain and difficulty in mobility of certain areas. Our doctor is here to help you so that you can have a pregnancy that is as comfortable as possible. Depending on what stage of pregnancy , Dr. Medlin can adapt adjustments and create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Can I bring my children for chiropractic treatment or are they too young?

Of course you can. Certain school sports or activities that our children participate in could potentially cause tension in certain muscles as well as painful movements. Our doctor can help distinguish if they are having problems due to these activities, a potential trauma, or if it could be a problem that they have had since birth. In any case, identifying any problem as early as possible is key to successful rehabilitation. 


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