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“I’m terrible at Yoga”

Many of our patients often wonder if they are flexible enough for Yoga class. Many also complain that they have tried Yoga classes and are simply terrible at it.

Often times jumping right into a Yoga class may not be beneficial to you and could potentially be harmful. It is important when searching Yoga studios that you find the right teacher and right style of Yoga for your needs and body type. However, most Yoga instructors are not doctors or experts on the musculoskeletal system, so having an expert consultation is a prudent first step.

A great place to start is right here. At Spine Tree Chiropractic, flexibility training is a large part of the treatment for a wide variety of injuries. As I analyze your range of motion and flexibility limits areas of concern appear quite quickly. Having your spine adjusted, stretching specific muscle groups and performing some Yoga poses in the office is a really great way to start increasing your flexibility and begin a thriving and fulfilling Yoga practice. We all have our limitations in flexibility, but we all also have unleashed potential. At Spine Tree Chiropractic you will learn about your specific body, its limitations and how to become the best you can be in Yoga or any exercise program you wish to take on.

Joseph Medlin D.C.


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