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Improving Your Yoga Practice

Yoga practice is excellent for your body and mind. It increases flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow. It brings inner peace and calm. Regular practice can help prevent injury. Chiropractic care sprinkled in occasionally (once per month) can vastly improve your yoga practice's effectiveness. Having your spine adjusted frees up vertebrae that aren't moving correctly. Having these spinal joints moving at their full range of motion without restrictions will allow the full fluidity of yoga to take hold. Performing certain poses when you have a fixated or "stuck" vertebrae will reduce your ability to perform the pose adequately, cause some compensatory motions and potentially cause injury.

Just as high powered professional and amateur athletes use Chiropractic in order to optimize their performance, one who is serious about their Yoga practice can get the most out of it with regular Chiropractic care. Because one is a high powered athlete or a highly astute and dedicated yogi, it doesn't preclude them from the necessity of regular Chiropractic care. On the contrary, peak performance will be assisted by Chiropractic. Chiropractic can be wonderful when you're hurt, but it can be equally great for maintaining the full potential of your body's performance.

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