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Auto Accidents Psychological Effect

The stressful event of an auto accident can have a negative effect not only on your neck and back, but your mind. It's been reported that 55% of Whiplash patients suffer from anxiety.  Patients are reminded of the distress every day. Each time they move their neck for instance, it brings the memory right back and can be a daily issue. 
--Anxiety and phobia related to driving is very common.  A concern about driving is very common and if the concern is severe, the patient may suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

-- Depression is also common. Auto accidents causing back pain and whiplash can turn into a chronic pain issue which in turn can depress the patient enormously.  As pain decreases the depression symptoms tend to decrease. On the other hand, the more severe and long lasting the pain has been, the more severe the depression has also shown to be.

-- Anger.  Many patients are not happy to say the least after an auto accident that has caused them injury.  It's common for patients to be angry about suffering, at those responsible and perhaps at a lack of recognition of the injuries and their effects they have had on the patient's life. 
--Substance Abuse.  All of these effects somewhat feed into each other and substance abuse can be a result of an attempt to minimize some of the psychological effects. Patients can also be on pain medication for a long time for they symptoms of Whiplash or Spinal injury causing abuse of the medication.  
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